Transmission Rebuild in Seattle, WA

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Want to restore your vehicle to its full-potential? A transmission rebuild at Barr Transmission can improve efficiency and peak performance.

Major Overhaul Made Easy

Barr Transmission in Seattle, WA rebuilds tired transmissions to restore their power without the high prices of replacement. There is no denying that a complete transmission rebuild is a difficult and complex project. But having years of experience and training makes the job a whole lot easier! In fact, our team has more than 60 years of combined experience working on transmission repairs and rebuilds. We remove and take apart worn-out transmissions to thoroughly inspect each part for damages. Once we replace and/or refurbish parts in extremely poor condition, we expertly piece everything back together again for perfected performance at less of the cost than a brand new transmission. Our professionals make a major overhaul of your vehicle’s transmission easy with fast, accurate service.

When to Rebuild or Replace

Are you having a hard time deciding what is the best route for your vehicle’s transmission repair? You know you need to take action, but you aren’t sure which option will be the most efficient, affordable or durable for your specific car, truck or SUV. That is where we come in! The knowledgeable consultants at Barr Transmission work with you to plan your vehicle’s transmission rebuild. Visit them today for a free estimate! Working with the experts has its perks. We put in the time and detailed care to restore and improve your vehicle’s function and efficiency without entirely replacing the transmission. Professional refurbishment and reconditioning goes a long way to renew parts that aren’t ready for replacement. It is intricate work, but we believe it is worth it to save our customers money and help them get the most out of their drivetrain.

Schedule Your Transmission Rebuild Today!

Save time, save money and save stress by choosing Barr Transmission in Seattle, WA for your transmission rebuild. Why replace parts that are still fully-functional? Our skilled service and unique specials could save you half the cost of a new transmission with a careful rebuild! Going the extra mile on our transmission rebuilds is just one way we look out for our customers. We also like to get our certified techs under the hood to ensure every vehicle is safe to drive for the road ahead! Don’t risk getting stranded because of a failed transmission, let our experts get to work to restore a worn-out transmission. Call us today at 206-682-9999 or use our convenient online scheduling system to schedule your transmission rebuild. Our courtesy shuttle service is at your disposal to help you stay on top of things for the duration of your vehicle’s repairs. We look forward to your visit!